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Royal Passwords

Major Version Release

It has been two years since we released the last major versions of our products. In these two years, we were able to integrate a couple of great new features and a lot of smaller enhancements throughout all our products. New in Royal TS V5 (for Windows) and Royal TSX V4 (for macOS) User Interface […]

Should I install the new macOS/iOS/Windows/Android Beta?

Quick Answer No, you definitely shouldn’t install a beta OS on your primary device! If you really want to try a new OS while still in development, please do so in a separate test environment. Otherwise you might encounter data losses and all kinds of unpredictable things might happen. Long(ish) Answer First of all, please […]

1 2 3 – Royal Revolution

The past weeks have been crazy! As you may already know, we recently released new major versions of our core products, Royal TS for Windows, Royal TSX for OS X and a brand new product: Royal Server. The user feedback was overwhelming to say the least! As our users, we’re very happy with these new […]

Major Royal TS/X Release

We’re happy to announce a major milestone in the history of remote management tools. After almost a year of Royal TSX beta testing and more than 6 months of Royal TS 2.2 development, we are finally ready to release Royal TS (for Windows) Version 2.2 and Royal TSX (for OS X) Version 1.0. Cross Platform […]