Blogging about Royal TS/X, Royal Server and Royal Passwords

Royal Server

Major Version Release

It has been two years since we released the last major versions of our products. In these two years, we were able to integrate a couple of great new features and a lot of smaller enhancements throughout all our products. New in Royal TS V5 (for Windows) and Royal TSX V4 (for macOS) User Interface […]

How to install VMware.PowerCLI for the VMware Connection

Royal TS and Royal Server are supporting the basic management of virtual machines in a vCenter or ESXi installation. This implementation is based on PowerCLI, a product of VMware which you need to install upfront on the machine where Royal TS or Royal Server is running. So far, this installation was not straight forward, since […]

New Feature: VMware Connection

Since we have had support for managing Hyper-V virtual machines for quite some time, it was only logical that quite some users requested VMware support as well. So here it is!     Note: This feature requires Royal TS (for Windows) V4 or Royal TSX (for macOS) V3 and Royal Server V2.   Prerequisites Please […]

Configuring Royal Server for high availability

Since Royal Server acts as a gateway for managing servers and tunneling secure connections it plays a vital role in the IT infrastructure. Now a logical question is: how can I configure Royal Server for high availability? There are a couple of options you can achieve this: 1) Loadbalancing Royal Server If you have a […]

File Transfer and VMware Connection Types

¬†File Transfer Connections A feature that has been requested time and again is to be able to¬†browse and transfer files on (S)FTP and SCP enabled devices. In the latest major releases we finally added support for this to the arsenal of Royal TS/X weapons. Here’s a complete list of supported protocols of the new File […]