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Royal TS

Major Version Release

It has been two years since we released the last major versions of our products. In these two years, we were able to integrate a couple of great new features and a lot of smaller enhancements throughout all our products. New in Royal TS V5 (for Windows) and Royal TSX V4 (for macOS) User Interface […]

User Interface Updates in Royal TS V5

A couple of weeks ago we released the beta of Version 5 of Royal TS for Windows. In this blog post we want to introduce a couple of things we changed in the user interface. We are still tweaking and optimizing V5, so there’s a good chance that some of the things might change or […]

Use a PowerShell Logon Script to Pre-Configure Royal TS Settings

Recently we got an interesting support request where a customer wanted to prepare the application settings, which are usually available in the Royal TS UI through View -> Options,  using a logon script in PowerShell. I thought it would be a good idea to share this in a blog post because there are one or […]

Royal TS 4.2 Release

Today we’re glad to announce that another feature packed release of Royal TS (for Windows) is available! Version 4.2 contains lots of cool new features, various improvements across the board, many bugfixes and even a new object type that’ll help you stay organized. So lets dive right into what’s new: Support for To-Do items Since we’re already making your life […]

How to install VMware.PowerCLI for the VMware Connection

Royal TS and Royal Server are supporting the basic management of virtual machines in a vCenter or ESXi installation. This implementation is based on PowerCLI, a product of VMware which you need to install upfront on the machine where Royal TS or Royal Server is running. So far, this installation was not straight forward, since […]